New Tank Set Up for Fry

This was a tank I picked up on criagslist to help with raising the fry. Enjoy.


A little update

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Not Tilapia

When I’m not taking care of the Tilapia Tank, I’m taking care of these guys.  Red Rainbow Tropheus Kasanga, Cherry Spot Tropheus Bulu Point, and Red Bulu Petrochromis.  Here is a little video of them right after a feeding.  Still trying to figure out video and photography on my Canon 7d for fish.

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The past few week have been a little slower on the breeding front.  Our other colony in Costa Mesa at the farm haven’t been breeding and we suspect that we either don’t have a male in the group or he is unable to breed.  Either way this is a bummer and we will have to talk to the breeder from whom we got the fish.  For the past two week I took the male from our Fullerton colony and put it in the tank with the Costa Mesa group.  Well after about 10 days we have one female holding.  We also believe the tank is a little too small so we are going to be upgrading to a large 75g tank.  I think this will do the trick.  Once that tank is up and running we will give that colony one more shot to see if there might be a male in there, but I think we will have to have another male shipped out as soon as we can.

Here at Tilapia Tank the fry are growing quick…here is a little video of the fry.  Some will soon be headed down to the grow out tank in Costa Mesa.


Here are the same fish on May 21st…less than one month ago…they grow quick!

Another batch

On Saturday I stripped another one of my holding females.  This was one of my smaller females, but wow did she hold a lot of fry.

In addition to that I moved my last group of fry into my grow out tank.  I have around 125-150 Tilapia fry in this grow out tank.  Not sure how long they will last in there…..I may need a larger grow out tank.

Being new to Tilapia, I am constantly learning and shocked by how quickly them spawn, the amount of fry, and how fast the fry grow. Some of these fry in the grow out tank are already nearing the half inch mark and they are only 4 weeks old.  That’s incredible compared to other Cichlids.



On Saturday after waiting 10 days I stripped our largest female. At first a few came out, then the masses. One Hundred and Ten (I think….you can try counting them in the pic and let me know if I am one or two off). This is our batch of fry yet!

I also just saw two fry in our Tilapia Tank…one of the girls let them out early. I’ll see if I can catch them.

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Our First Fry

I came home from work tonight to find one of our females spitting and then recapturing her fry.  Needless to say we could not be more excited to have our first batch of fry.  I caught her without losing any and moved her to the 10gallon spitting tank.  We could not be more excited about our first batch of fry.  There will be a lot more in the weeks to come as many of the other females are now holding.  Tilapia Tank is now in full production!

Another female holding.  This is one of our largest females at this time.  An interesting fact with her was that this entire week she has been eating a lot and completely silver.  She hasn’t looked like any of the other females, but they as soon as she had a mouth full of babies her coloring changed and now she looks just like the rest of the tank.  Is this common?  I would love to hear if you know anything about this, thanks so much.

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Day #1

No way!!!!  Little to my surprise…I came out to check on the fish right before going to bed and one of the females had a mouth full of eggs.  Incredible…only one day!  Throughout the day it was pretty fun to watch the male Tilapia do his thing.  One by one he would take the females into the pot, do his dance and let the female leave.  I wasn’t sure if anything was really happening or not, but by that night the deed was done.

Here she is the next day:

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Tilapia Tank comes to Fullerton

I just picked up one of the colonies from the Costa Mesa Farm and made the 20 minute drive to their new home in Fullerton.  These Tilapia kept wanting to jump out of the tank so I did my best to keep them in.  We are all excited to see how they preform and how long it will take before we get any fry.

I have breed many other kinds of African Cichlids before, but never Tilapia.  I’m interested to watch their behavior, patterns, and if they really breed as quickly as everyone says.


Here they are in their new home.


SeaClear System II – 100g

Hydor Koralia 425 Circulation Pump

PVC Pipe Pyramid

1 Sponge Filter

1 Ceramic Pot

They arrived!

So our fish finally arrived from Florida.  They came in two large Styrofoam crates, filled with bags of water and fish.  Two colonies total.  They also put in an extra female, due to the fact they were shipped a week late.  Here are a few shots of the Tilapia after we acclimated them to the tank and released them.

We will keep both colonies here for a few days and then transport one colony to my house and breeding tank in Fullerton.